Table Runner & Placemat Set

By Diane Ellis

Spruce up your home with this elegant table runner and placemat set.


These placemats are 17½ “ wide by 12½ “ tall (or 45cm by 32cm) and we'll be making six of these. They are made from 2 pieces of fabric stitched together.

The table runner is 60" long by 13" wide (or 160cm by 34cm). It is alsomade from 2 pieces of fabric stitched together.

To work out how much fabric you need to buy, you need to check the width of the fabric roll you wish to purchase. For the placemats we need 37" by 40½" allowing a ½" seam allowance all around. For the table runner, we need 61" by 14".

So if the roll of fabric is 60" wide, you will need 2yards of fabric.

(For metric sewers, we will need 141cm by 70cm for the placemats, and 162cm by 36cm for the table runner, allowing for a 1cm seam allowance. So on a 150cm fabric roll, you will need 2 metres of fabric).


Almost any fabric will do provided it is durable and washable.

To Make

Fold your fabric in half (right sides together), and, using tailors chalk and a ruler, draw out your 6 placemats and the table runner using the measurements above. Rememeber to include the ½" seam allowance (or 1cm).

Cut out your pieces. Now pin three sides of each placemat along the seam allowance, and part of the 4th side (leaving an opening so we can turn the placemat right way around after stitching), and stitch using a straight stitch. Turn the right way around and iron each placemat so that the internal seams lay flat. Now run a seam around the entire placemat as close the edge as you can. Then sew another seam around the entire placemat ¼" from the first seam. This will close off the final open side, and provide a consistent look to the placemat.

Repeat the same with the table runner.

To  Finish

Simply iron again and you're done.

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